• Frank Stovall

Do You Want People To Google Your Business Name?

Recently I had a prospective customer tell me she wanted people to Google her business name itself, not just the business category they are in. That got me thinking... SEO is great but wouldn't it be even better if your new customers had already heard of you before they went online. Then they will go straight to the online presence that you have carefully built, get the rest of the information (or identify with the image you have built), and move toward buying from you.

That requires one thing: Awareness from well-place advertising. Graffiti Ads offers advertising that is in the perfect place. Research even shows that people are glad the ads are there, meaning they are happy to have something to focus on - and generally give it their undivided attention. Can any other type of advertising make that claim?

We always tell people that the best advertising plan is "Tra-Digitial", a mix of digital and traditional advertising. Here is a paraphrased quote from advertising expert John Garcia:

"....many companies build an online presence, then unwisely ignore the offline tools that are the best 'conversation starters' - the tools that have the best ability to send customers online to 'get the rest of the information'." We offer the best conversation starter available. Don't miss the opportunity to have people predisposed to buying FROM YOU, before they ever Google anything! Call us today!!


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