• Frank Stovall

Focal Levels of Attention

This is a phrase used in a frequently quoted Rice University study report to describe the attention levels commanded by restroom advertising. Meaning, people will look at your ad, on purpose, for a good period of time.

This puts you, the advertiser, in a good position. You don't have to hope someone will happen to see your ad, for example, in the back pages of a magazine, when the articles they want to read are in the front. Graffiti Ads' success is tied to the social phenomenon of people eating out at locally owned restaurants. An area experiencing an explosive amount of interest with the popularity of ideas like "Farm to Fork" food sourcing, and the "Gotta Be NC" local celebrity chef competition, going on right now in Winston-Salem, NC. When you add the care we put into the design and presentation of the ads, you have a "home run" scenario for your local advertising.

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