• Frank Stovall

Good News for Local Businesses

Happy Friday! I am looking forward to this weekend because, through my work on Eat Local Triad (the promotional service provided to restaurants that house Graffiti Ads boards), I was invited to be a "V.I.P." judge at Battledish in Winston-Salem - the local part of an international culinary competition.

This is great news for me, but also for you as a local business owner or marketer - and here's why: There is an massive amount of interest right now in locally owned restaurants,

and we are just at the beginning of this exciting progression. Events like Dishcrawl, Battledish, Secret Suppers, and Fire in the Triad are wildly successful and they all feature ONLY locally owned restaurants - and are even making local celebrities of Triad chefs.

Why is this good for local advertisers? Because this phenomenon is creating an even bigger audience for Graffiti Ads, which appear in the restrooms of locally owned restaurants. An audience with considerable disposable income, who are out spending money and having fun - and Graffiti hits this target audience with an advertising method proven to have 40% greater recall than any other type of advertising.

Food for thought?


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