• Frank Stovall

Take Your Brand to the People!

Specifically, To The People Who Buy Products and Services!

Graffiti Ads offers advertising in upscale restaurant restrooms throughout the Triad. Why does

this matter? Because you are marketing a product or service, and Graffiti offers you a prequalified audience - one that has a high level of disposable income - we know this because

they are dining out!

FORTUNE magazine has said this about restroom advertising: “Restroom ads reach the

audience most coveted by advertisers, consumers who like to go out and spend money."

Add to this the unparalleled engagement offered by Graffiti Ads (people actually LIKE

looking at the ads), and you have a home run scenario. Why not give it a try for your brand -

we have new pricing that makes it even easier to get underway. We have customers that

have been doing this for 5-10 years, because it works! We look forward to hearing from you!


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