• Frank Stovall

Why Graffiti Ads Works

We talk to people every day about advertising. Specifically about Graffiti Ads - the ads you see in

the restrooms of fine restaurants and athletic clubs throughout the Triad. In doing so, we find

that most business owners and marketers are familiar with the technique, have seen it

themselves, and have a hunch that it works - but are not sure exactly why.

Here's why: People read the ads deliberately. This means that in most cases people look

straight at the ads, and read them, on purpose, for up to 30 seconds.

Why do people read Graffiti Ads deliberately? Think about the psychology of it - people like having something to focus on in a public restroom. It is really that simple! So they read the ads,

and are even glad they are there. Graffiti Ads offers a level of engagement with your advertising

message that simply doesn't exist with any other type of advertising. And that's why Graffiti has advertisers that have been with us for 10+ years - they get a good return on their investment.


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