• Frank Stovall

Your Brain and Graffiti Ads

I recently read a Forbes article by Roger Dooley, whose area of expertise is “Better business through brain and behavioral science”. The article is titled Paper Beats Digital In Many Ways, According To Neuroscience”. It is a great explanation of why an ad on paper has so much greater recall than a digital ad. In short, the physical paper gives the brain an additional “hook” with which to retrieve information. One remembers where the ad is on the page, and other physical attributes of the message environment. With an ad on a screen, this does not happen. The study cited in the article concluded that paper ads require 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital media, and have a 70% higher recall. That is, your prospective customer is 70% more likely to remember your business name and message if your ad is on paper media instead of digital.

With Graffiti Ads, recall is truly maximized - research shows that people like restroom ads and look at them on purpose. When people look at your ad deliberately, you’ve hit a marketing home run! If you are one of the many people that has looked at Graffiti Ads and thought: “I look at these ads, I assume other people are too”, then your instinct is correct - your prospective customers are looking at them every day.

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